About Us

3point5.Com -- Helping Influential Product Experts Create More Value For Brands, For Retailers, For Consumers And For Themselves.

A small group of influential product experts affects almost all consumer purchase decisions. These experts are the retail sales professionals at your favorite store, employees of the company that makes products you love, or the people whose livelihood depends on the quality of products they use every day. When deciding what to buy, consumers want these trusted experts - armed with deep product knowledge that comes from effective training and first-hand experience - to guide them to products that are best for them.

3point5.com, a member of the eXperticity family of web sites, is dedicated to improving product knowledge at the first tier of these influential product experts: retail sales professionals. When consumers decide what to buy the last person they consult, the one at the point of decision (3point5 feet from them) is the retail sales professional. 3point5.com builds effective product knowledge in retail sales professionals with highly effective, patented online training services, and by providing qualified, secure access to highly discounted direct-from-manufacturer professional purchasing.

We help hundreds of the world's most forward-thinking, innovative consumer product companies connect to hundreds of thousands of the most important people driving sales, customer experience and brand perception.

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