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Our manufacturers contract 3point5 to host and administer pro purchase portals or retail training pages. All software and software functionality is 3point5 driven. All products are manufacturer driven.
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  3. Search for, and select your retailer
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**Check your email account to confirm and complete the Sign Up process.
Contact Us We will help make the necessary adjustments to your account.
Enter only part of your retailer name and leave out punctuation. Example - When searching for 'Outdoor Retailer's Inc.', try entering just 'outdoor' or 'retail'.

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Go to and click "Lost Password". A temporary password will be emailed to you. If you're still having trouble, contact us and we will help you to access your account.

If you have clicked the "Lost Password" link and you have not received an email with your temporary password, please check the Spam or Junk folder on your email.

Use the 'My Profile' link to manage your Member ID, password and/or email address. If you're still having trouble, Contact Us and we will help you to manage your account.
Owners and managers have the ability to activate and deactivate user accounts. If you feel your account has been deactivated in error, work with your retailer to resolve the error. If you have changed locations / employers, please Contact Us and we will help make the necessary adjustments to your account.


Manufacturer training and purchase programs are available to retail sales professionals employed at authorized dealers that carry and sell the manufacturer's products.
Sign In, Click 'Training'. Review the list of available manufacturer training. Click the manufacturer's logo and follow the instructions to request a manufacturer. Your retailer must be an authorized dealer for each manufacturer, will contact the manufacturer to verify that your retailer is an authorized dealer. If you are not an authorized dealer please do not submit a request.

Store Access

Check your profile to be sure the email address you provided during sign up is correct and complete. If not, click "manage" and make any necessary changes.
To access a manufacturer's store, your location must be an authorized dealer for each manufacturer. If your are an authorized dealer and are getting this message in error, please Contact Us so we can make the necessary adjustments to your account.
Each manufacturer's store on is updated each night. If the product is in stock, it will appear in the store. If the product is 'Out of Stock' click the "Is your item out of stock?" link that appears on each product page. We will let the manufacturer know that the item you wanted was out of stock. This will help the manufacturer expand their product offering in the future.
If you are able to see your discount on some items and not on others, there are additional training programs that need to be completed.


The manufacturers on ship all orders on behalf of Each manufacturer is different, but orders typically take 2-4 weeks to process and ship.

Before contacting or the manufacturer, check your credit card or bank statement. If you have been charged, it is likely the order has been processed and will ship shortly.
Orders cannot be altered once they have been submitted to the manufacturer for fulfillment.
Order status: 'Pending Approval' means that someone at your retailer has been emailed to review and 'Approve' your order. Once your order has been approved, will instantly submit the order to the manufacturer for fulfillment.

If you are a manager and/or owner who would like to approve all orders before they process, Contact Us and we can alert you by email each time one of your staff places an order.
If you are able to see your discount on some items and not on others, there are additional training programs that need to be completed.
In certain cases, a pre-authorization is used to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the order. The pre-authorization will remain as a pending transaction until it is removed and replaced by the actual charge.
Items can go out of stock after an order has been submitted. Items that are out of stock at the time of processing are canceled from the order. You are welcome to reorder items that were not shipped.
A transaction fee is applied to orders to cover the costs associated with fulfillment of your order. If a transaction fee applies to your order the amount will be shown during checkout and on your order confirmation. Shipping charges will be applied separately based on the delivery method.


If you are a contest winner you will be contacted by 3point5. Please do not contact 3point5 asking if you have won.
  • You are allowed to win one contest every six months unless otherwise stated. For example, if you win a contest on December 1st, you are no longer eligible to win another contest for any manufacturer until June 1st.
  • Most contests have a limit on the number of attempts you are allowed on each Edu-Game. Attempts beyond this allotment are not counted towards your best score.
  • The leader boards you see are provided for your enjoyment. There are many factors that can affect these standings; therefore, placement on a leader board does not guarantee you have won a contest.
  • In the event you qualify to win multiple contests in the same month, the prize you receive will be selected at random. Please do not contact 3point5 requesting a specific prize.
  • All contests are subject to any additional rules decided by the manufacturer.


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