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Andrew Shoe

Salt Lake City, UT


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You earn points for just about everything you do on the site — plus some things you do outside of the site. The graph on your Expert Profile shows how your score compares to other members ranked within a given category (ie, biking or beauty). Furthermore:

Earn just 10 more Expert Points and you will be in the Top 10% of experts in the Hike community.
57 Pts
7 Pts
40 Pts


Expert Score

  • You’ll be considered an Enthusiast until you’ve hit a minimum number of points, and then your ranking will rise within the graph.
  • Scores and rankings are updated nightly, so check back the next day to see how things may have changed.
  • Not seeing upper ranks in a particular category? That means there aren't enough members with Expert Scores in that category of expertise just yet.

Earn extra credit in the community

Score 100% on all of a brand’s current Edu-Games, and you’ll get a Brand Certification badge that will last until the brand launches any new training and Edu-Games.


Go ahead. Be a know-it-all. And remember, the current season’s product training is a key part of keeping your expertise up-to-date. A few more points about Knowledge points:

  • You’ll earn 1 point for every Edu-Game you pass on 3point5.com.
  • Each point expires 2 years after you last passed a given Edu-Game.
  • Points earned for training will be applied to specific categories of your expertise based on that brand and product.
  • You’ll earn a new brand card under Knowledge once you pass your first Edu-Game from a given brand.
  • For every additional Edu-Game you complete, the number at the bottom of the brand card will go up by 1 point (representing total points earned from that brand).

Don’t keep your expert opinion to yourself.

Do you prefer one bike rack for your car and another for your van? Share a review of each item purchased to help the community make better buying decisions based on your expert opinion.


Your real-world product experience makes you even more of an expert. Why not earn points for the products you use every day?

  • You’ll earn 1 point for every unique product you purchase on the site and display on your profile (e.g., 1 point for buying six pairs of the same socks).
  • Displaying your purchases not only earns you 1 point, but also lets members of the community know what products you know well.
  • Display a product either by clicking on “Display in Profile” after checkout, or by clicking on the orange pencil on the item’s card in your Expert Profile and then clicking on “Display in Profile”
  • You can choose which category of your expertise a product purchased should fall under and that’s where you’ll earn the point.
  • Points earned for purchases will expire if you stop displaying the product in your public profile or if you make your profile private using your Account Preferences.

Past retail jobs can still pay off.

Earn an additional 1 point for each previous year of retail employment you add to your profile. And choose up to 5 categories of expertise for each past retailer positions to count toward.


Where did you get all that expertise? Earn 25-30 Expert Points within all applicable categories (as determined by the retailer) for sharing your current retail employer and job. Points you receive for your current retail job will expire when you no longer work there, but you’ll earn similar points for your next retail job.

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