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Home Page

  1. Existing Users log into 3point5 with unique user name and password.
  2. New Users sign up to access training content published on 3point5.
  3. Real time statistics that track site wide usage numbers always displayed.

Log In

  1. Links to manufacturer training.
  2. Links to 'Product Fundamentals' and other training.
  3. Message Users on new and relevant events related to the 3point5 community.

Training Home

  1. Each Brand's Home Page is designed to match current branding look and feel.
  2. Links to training courses on Brand, Technology and Product.
  3. Displays specific news and contests.
  4. Link's to the on-line store.

Training Module

  1. Consistent navigation for training modules.
  2. Fun, engaging training content delivered using Flash, HTML and Video.
  3. User actively navigates through training process.
  4. Brief, simple messaging maximizes retention.
  5. Link to Edu-Game to complete testing.


  1. User plays interactive, timed test.
  2. Edu-Game questions are developed to reinforce key topics.
  3. Questions and answers served randomly.
  4. Passing Edu-Games earns discounts on manufacturer's products.


  1. 3point5 builds and hosts online store offering key products.
  2. Manufacturer controls product offering, order limits, pricing and available inventory.
  3. Options to electronically integrate with fulfillment systems.
  4. Employee purchases shipped to physical retail location.


  1. Dashboard reports that provide a quick update on training and purchasing activity.
  2. Drill down into reports all the way to detailed data by member.
  3. Additional summary reports a click away.