Manufacturer Pro Purchase Solutions, a eXperticity product like, offers a platform for brands to administer pro deals and target HIGHLY specific audiences inside of the platform. can help brands find the right pros and extend the right offer to them. is very customizable and fits many brands pro deal administration needs.

eXperticity Also Offers Private, Branded Sites For Manufacturers To Administer Pro Deal:

  • eXperticity will create your programs quickly and easily
  • Full e-commerce packages available including full data integrations
  • Real time catalogs supporting up-to-date inventory feeds
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness with paperless processes
  • Proven, abuse resistant processes
  • Summary and detailed reports available through our administration tool
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Your Brand Is The Star

From look and feel to voice, values and messaging, your Pro Store website is custom designed to reflect your unique branding. And beyond the site, all communications to your Pro members can also reflect your Brand's look and feel.

Ditch The Paperwork Shuffle

The most time-consuming factor of any Pro Program is dealing with paperwork - whether it's approving faxed-in applications, managing paper-based orders or trying to reconcile those orders for reporting.'s Pro Purchase program does away with paperwork thanks to easy Online Member Management and Integrated Order fulfillment. Full integration with XML and EDI eliminates the need for faxing orders, paperwork or storage. Our robust reporting package offers a detailed view which allows you to track total signups and sales as well as campaigns and specific team members.

Take Advantage Of Minimal Setup Costs And Performance-Based Pricing

We recognize that your success is our success so we priced our Pro Program to get you up and running at minimal cost. We are so confident in our results that we offer performance based pricing: so You only pay when you make a sale.

Segment Pros To Implement Your Pro Program Strategies

We recognize that you may need to target different segments or mount different campaigns for specific audiences. Our Pro Program solution allows the option of creating multiple combinations of tailored offers. Pro packages could include different discount levels and/or shipping rules, free product options, specific skus, various offer durations, etc.

You control who sees what with targeted promotions to specific Pro segments. This allows you to execute many different campaigns and strategies at the same time.

Example Pro Strategies: Gather Demo Attendees, Trade Show and Conferences Attendees, Spur Seasonal Sales, Move Distressed Inventory, etc.

Easily And Appropriately Grow Your Pro Program

Start by leveraging your current sales staff. provides printed Pro cards with custom access codes that they can hand out to invite Pros.

Word of mouth is one of the best sources for attracting new Pros. When a visitor is told to check out your Pro site they can apply to be a Pro through an easy online application - you approve or deny them in seconds and assign them appropriate order limits and discount levels.

Lastly,'s will work with your Pro manager as a savvy consultant to help you execute your program and grow an appropriate audience while keeping your retailers in mind though best practices.

Build Your Relationship With Your Pros

As soon as your Pro site is live we will email your existing pros and anyone else you would like to invite to join your new program.

We have the ability to tailor website content and target emails to your Pros on a regular basis, using seasonal offers or new product campaigns to drive sales and interaction with your Brand.

Access Reporting To Track Your Success

What good is a Pro program if you don't have a way to see how it's performing? Pro Program solutions have access to:

  • An overall dashboard with key program stats
  • Regular website analytics reports showing how Pros are using the site
  • Detailed reports that allow you to see orders by campaigns, specific groups of Pros, reps, etc. This allows you to see what's working and what's not

Leverage The Platform

Your store can easily be expanded to other products on the eXperticity platform, including the retail training program and the public VIP and Industry Insider Marketplace- a site that connects teams of sales influencers and manufacturers via deep product discounts. This allows you to, manage and maintain sales, communications and training involving Pros, Shop Employees, and Industry Influencers - all in one place. Our platform supports multiple Brands under a parent Brand with full creative control and reporting.

The platform is always improving - it is very difficult and expensive for manufacturers to match the development resources we have committed to maintaining and improving our platform. We have a product roadmap - developed with help from our clients - and we release new features regularly.