Retailer Subscriptions


Customize Your Own

  1. Branded training program
  2. Publish news and updates to the Bulletin Board
  3. Pick and choose content as it relates to your store
  4. Write your own Courses and Edu-Games (or have us write them for you)
  5. Training as a differentiator and competitive advantage

Training Dashboard

  1. Track staff usage on
  2. Evaluate training trends
  3. Identify key training statistics

Training Staff

  1. View staff training activity by location
  2. View completed courses by category
  3. View number of orders placed by staff members
  4. Export results to Excel, analyze further
  5. View user statistics for completed training
  6. Identify struggling staff, track their training history
  7. Set training certification standards, hold staff accountable for what they should know
  8. Track new staff through training, draw correlations between training and sales performance

Order History

  1. Search all orders placed by your staff
  2. Approve or decline staff orders based on employment status
  3. Simplify employee purchase orders, know who's ordering what, when

Assign Prerequisites

  1. Assign product fundamental courses as prerequisites to accessing manufacturer training and employee purchase programs
  2. Decide which courses are most pertinent to your retailer
  3. Leverage manufacturer discounts to improve staff sales skills

Order Permissions

  1. Limit access to manufacturer discounts as you see fit
  2. Limit order access, allow new or seasonal staff members to train beginning day one

Retailer Subscription Tools

With's retailer subscription tools, you will be able to simplify tedious tasks while empowering your staff with a great training experience.

  • Control and track staff training activity
  • Manage employee purchase programs
  • Build and host your own training
  • For as little as $1 per employee per month

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