"3point5.com is a popular training resource used frequently by the Moosejaw Sales Staff. Using the simple management tools made available by 3point5, our Managers are able to closely monitor employee purchase activity. With 3point5.com, we're able to simplify the employee purchase process and extend these benefits to a broader group of employees in a secure way."

- Bryan Lively, VP Store Operations

Blue Ridge Mountain Sports

"With 3point5.com, education and employee purchases are presented within the context of our retail brand. Staff understand why and how to effectively sell our products to our customers. Best of all, it is quantifiable and easily measured. We can track employee progress and correlate it to sales performance."

- Jeff Smith, Owner

Massey's Professional Outfitters

"We count on 3point5.com to bring our new staff members up to speed FAST. Plus, our veteran staffers really like picking up a few pearls of wisdom while competing with their peers. We've also noticed a discernible difference in productivity between frequent users and non-users."

- Mike Massey, Owner